Spring Cleaning Services

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//Spring Cleaning Services

Many people find it hard to give their houses a thorough spring cleaning these days. With work increasingly infringing on personal time, homeowners need time to recharge their batteries, instead of spending their free time cleaning their homes in North Shore.

The Cleaning Experts understand the need for people to have clean homes. We also understand the difficulties involved in fitting daily or routine chores into your daily list of tasks. When fitting simple things into your To-Do list for the day is difficult enough, finding the time to spare for undoing a years’ worth of clutter and build-up of dust and dirt is not going to be easy at all. /p>

Thankfully, we have the best remedy for people experiencing difficulties in giving their homes a thorough spring-cleaning. Call us today for giving your Sydney house the best domestic cleaning services. We will freshen up your house and get it spic and span as quickly as possible. By doing so, we would also relieve your mind from yet another aspect of the unnecessary stress of modern living.

Your house needs the best cleaning services in Sydney. Only a top class team of home cleaners will be able to eliminate the dust and dirt from your house. Our residential cleaning service would benefit your family’s health by:

  • Reducing the levels of dust and allergens present inside your house and,
  • Reducing the exposure to bacteria and germs present in your house, by disinfecting and cleaning your house with eco-friendly cleaning agents

For the past 20 years, we have provided thousands of residents in Sydney, with the best spring-cleaning services in the area. Our unbeatable reputation in Sydney for providing top class domestic cleaning services stems as much from the high quality of our work, as it does from our dependable cleaning staff.

Our experienced cleaning staff will make your house spotlessly clean at an affordable price. As a family run business, we also oversee the entire cleaning activity in-house. Therefore, you can bank on us to give you stellar customer service each time you call. As the leading domestic cleaning company in Sydney, we pride ourselves on providing superlative levels of customer service to all our clients.

So, if you feel that your house needs a comprehensive cleaning along with the necessary “straightening up”, call us. Our spring-cleaning service will soon restore order and cleanliness to your house.

Call us today using the form on our website. Or, speak to Jane at 0412 559 539 on any day of the week.

Our spring cleaning services include:

  • General house cleaning
    Carpets vacuumed and floors mopped, Cobwebs removed, Window sills and skirting boards wiped down, Fingerprints removed from walls and light switches.
  • Kitchen cleaning
    Stove top and range cleaning, cupboard exterior, oven cleaning, kitchen bench and backsplash cleaning, sinks scrubbed and buffed, doors and light switches wiped, skirting boards wiped over, cobweb removal, kitchen floors vacuumed and mopped.
  • Bathroom cleaning
    Bathtub cleaning, shower and shower screen deep clean, basin and vanity wiped and cleaned, mirrors cleaned and wiped, light fixtures dusted and wiped, bathroom tile floors mopped and cleaned.
  • Window cleaning (upon request - extra charge)
    Window frames and windows cleaned on the inside and/or outside. Flyscreens are removed and washed down to remove cobwebs.
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Loungeroom cleaning
  • Stairs cleaning
  • Hallway cleaning
  • Steam Carpet cleaning (upon request - extra charge)
  • High pressure cleaning (upon request - extra charge)

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The Cleaning Experts have over 20 years of experience in the spring cleaning service industry. Our dedication, enthusiasm and excellent track record of customer service have been a fundamental driver for our growing success. See the gallery below for our latest spring cleaning projects.

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