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You can trust our highly experienced cleaners to leave your home fresh and sparkling clean

//Home Cleaning Services

For over 20 years, we, at the Cleaning Experts have focused strongly on making our clients the core of our business. Therefore, it has been our constant endeavour to provide all our clients with the highest quality of service, when it comes to our residential cleaning or corporate cleaning services in Sydney.

This family-run cleaning business in Sydney provides comprehensive levels of home cleaning services in Northern Beaches and Sydney. In Sydney, our domestic cleaning comprises all your housework cleaning duties including cleaning the:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Areas and,
  • Other Areas of your Property

We take pride in offering professional residential cleaning services and our hard-working, talented staff are always ready to exceed your expectations.

When you call us for cleaning your property in Sydney, we will assign a team of experienced and dedicated home cleaners to your home. They will converse with you and obtain a complete understanding of your cleaning requirements.

Each of our team members uses the best quality cleaning products and equipment, including dust-free, non-intrusive vacuum cleaners. This enables us to provide superlative levels of service, consistently.

Our staff is not just trained and experienced. They are also hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic. These traits enable them not just to meet your expectations, but also to exceed them regularly. Their willingness to go the extra mile is what lies at the core of our reputation as the best provider of residential cleaning services in the city.

Therefore, if your home needs a thorough cleaning badly, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. In return, we can promise you a house that is not just clean and fresh, but deodorised as well.

Speak with Jane at 0412 559 539 and share your cleaning requirements. Also, let us know a convenient time for you, so that we could visit you during that period. We like starting all our client relationships on a clean slate. At the same time, we spare no efforts in making a clean sweep of every cleaning job we take up in Sydney.

Contact us today and discover how great it is to come home to a clean, fresh, sparkling house.

Our range of home cleaning services includes:

The Kitchen

Cleaning and sanitising the counters, sinks and backsplashes

Cleaning the interiors and the exterior of the microwave

Dusting the windowsills, doors, picture frames, woodworks and shelves

Wiping the tables and chairs

Wiping and cleaning stove tops

Vacuuming the rugs and hard surfaces

Mopping all the floors

Emptying the waste bins

The Living Areas

Vacuuming the carpets and the rug areas

Mopping the wooden floors

Dusting and polishing the furniture

Dusting the windowsills, doors, picture frames, woodworks and shelves

Cleaning the windowsills

The Bathrooms

Cleaning and sanitising the showers, tubs and toilets

Cleaning and sanitising the counters, sinks and soap dishes

Sweeping, mopping and disinfecting the floors

Emptying the waste bins

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The Cleaning Experts have over 20 years of experience in the home cleaning service industry. Our dedication, enthusiasm and excellent track record of customer service have been a fundamental driver for our growing success. See our gallery below for our latest works.

Home cleaning services

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Home cleaning services

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Home cleaning services

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