Get Rid of those Pet Stains from Your Carpet Easily

By all accounts, pets make great additions to a family. They provide companionship and unconditional love. At the same time, you could use them to boost your security. Well-trained pets are a credit to their owners. However, training them is not always easy. In an ideal world, people with pets in the house would never place carpets on their floors. However, that is not entirely avoidable. Any homeowner would want to beautify the house by decorating it tastefully. Wall art and other home décor accessories can achieve this objective for the most part. However, very few things can achieve the effect that a carpet provides. High quality carpets could end up costing you several hundreds of dollars. The cost is sufficient to make you treat it carefully. Any liquid spills or splashes could easily leave stains on your carpet. However, while this aspect is still somewhat under your control, what do you when your pet treats your expensive carpet like a litter pan?

Pet Stains on Carpets – Why You Need to Clean Up Thoroughly

Several people think that only badly trained pets would mess up the carpet. However, this is not true. Even well trained pets could have “accidents” on your carpet. If you don’t take steps to ensure that you clean your carpet thoroughly, you could have a foul smelling carpet in the house. This would not only act as a big turnoff for the occupants and the visitors. It would encourage your pet to keep staining the same spot repeatedly.

Therefore, it is imperative that you clean your carpets thoroughly. This would help in removing pet stains from the carpet. It would also get rid of any lingering odour, which would discourage your pet from having another accident in the same spot.

Things to Avoid when Cleaning Your Carpets from Pet Stains and Odours

Many pet owners have no ideas about how they should go about removing pet stains from their carpets. Therefore, the moment they see their pet having an “accident”, they rush to the spot with the bottle of stain remover. They pour or spray the affected spot with the stain remover, in a bid to clean it. They don’t stop to think that all that they would achieve by this is to mix the puddle of urine with stain remover.

Some owners spray the stain remover on the carpet. Then, they take a brush and start scrubbing the affected spot with it. In fact, some people brush the affected spot harder to remove the offending stain. Now, if you have purchased a quality carpet for hundreds of dollars, you would never want to use a brush on it. Brushes can damage the carpet fibres. In lieu of a hard brush, opt for a soft brush or even a towel. Removing pet stains from the carpet does not require an immense amount of scrubbing.

Tips on How You Could Rid Your Carpet of Pet Stains and Odours

Some tips on removing the pet stains from the carpet are:

  • Use some towels to clean off the majority of the urine and faeces
  • Then, use a clean towel to blot the stained area
  • Spray the stain remover lightly over the affected area
  • You could also spray the stain remover on to a towel and dab the towel on to the affected area
  • In case you have used excess volumes of the spot remover:
    • Pour a cup of water on top of the spot and,
    • Extract all the liquid out of the carpet
  • Use cleaning products that have enzyme-based cleaning capabilities for getting rid of the odours
  • Always start at the outside and work inwards
  • Consider spreading paper towels on the affected area and thereafter, stand on them for absorbing as much liquid as possible

Cleaning Experts – The Experts at Removing Pet Stains from Your Carpets

Pets could carry viruses, bacteria and parasites, which could be harmful for the occupants of the house. These germs could proliferate at room temperature and result in various illnesses or odours. In addition, pets often shed their fur on to the carpet, the furniture, the drapes etc. Therefore, you would need to vacuum your carpets and furniture on a daily basis too.

The tips given above would be useful for getting rid of a stain or two on your carpet. However, if you have several stains on the carpet, hiring a professional cleaning company would be a better option. Keeping carpets clean by removing the stains from the carpets is the job for an expert. And who better to entrust your carpet to, than the Cleaning Experts?

When it comes to giving your carpets a fresh lease of life, we’re the experts to rely on. For over 20 years, we have delighted our clients by offering them superlative carpet cleaning services. That too, at cost effective rates. To give your carpets a cleaning, speak to Jane at 0412 559 539.