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Lately, carpets have moved from being the simple rugs kept on the floor to essential items for embellishing the décor of the house. Homeowners often look for different ways to enhance the visual appeal and the comfort factor of their homes. Purchasing an assortment of home décor accessories and knick-knacks is probably one of the commonest ways to decorate the house. In addition, however, homeowners have also begun looking at their carpets in an entirely new light.

Why Do People Use Carpets in their Houses?

People use carpets for various reasons. Some houses do not have attractive or appealing flooring. Therefore, homeowners could either incur a considerable amount of expense in revamping their flooring. Or, they could simply use carpets for concealing the dull flooring. That too, at a fraction of the cost. Carpets also provide a neat and simple way for concealing any imperfections in your flooring.

Carpets also help to keep your floors clean. For example, when guests enter the house, they might wipe their shoes clean on the carpet or the rug. This ensures that they step on to the floor with cleaner feet. However, for all their benefits, carpets do take a severe beating day in and day out.

Children are notorious for spoiling carpets by dropping food or other liquids on carpets. Similarly, houses with pets often have carpets loaded with dander. In addition to these, carpets keep absorbing the regular dirt, dust and grime that come with each passing day. Therefore, within days, you could find that your carpet is looking extremely shabby and dirty.

Carpet Cleaning Methods Generally Used by Various Home Cleaners

Carpets are expensive and play an important part in enhancing the décor of the room. Therefore, people often seek professional help in getting their carpets clean again.

These professional cleaners adopt various methods for cleaning carpets. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Shampooing: Some people still rely on this method, even though it is not very effective. The cleaners apply formulated detergents directly to the carpet. Then, they use a machine that agitates the cleanser. Lastly, the cleaners use a vacuum for extracting the cleanser, thereby making the carpet look (and smell) fresh too.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: Cleaners sprinkle a special cleaning powder on the carpet. This powder starts absorbing the dirt from the carpet. After some time, the cleaners suck the powder and dirt particles with the help of a vacuum.
  • Foam Carpet Cleaning: Cleaners apply a cleansing foam and a small amount of water to the carpet. The foam attracts all the dirt and dust particles to it. Thereafter, the cleaners extract the foam and the dirt particles from the carpet.
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning: Ideal for commercial offices and workplaces, this method entails the application of a chemical detergent across the carpet. Then, cleaners use a rotary machine that has an absorbent pad for cleaning the carpet. This method is not very effective. However, for places experiencing heavy footfalls, it just about gets the job done with minimal fuss.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning: Steam carpet cleaning has become very popular in Sydney and other cities. Cleaners use a machine for putting hot water and a cleaning solution deep into the carpet. Then, they use a machine with a powerful suction capacity for extracting the cleanser. However, you might not get to use the carpet too quickly in this method. This is because the carpet often takes time to dry after the soaking it receives.

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